Choosing An Acupuncturist - Why Us

Choosing an acupuncturist is an important decision. There are several unique advantages that you will only find in ACM HEALTH CENTER:

  1. All doctors in ACM HEALTH CENTER were trained from the prestige medical universities in China and United States with solid academic backgrounds. Our doctors bring RESULTS.
  2. ACM HEALTH CENTER is one of the Acupuncture Clinics with the longest practicing history in America. We have been serving Californians in the Bay area for more than 30 years.
  3. All doctors in ACM HEALTH CENTER are from the same medical family. With such a strong family tradition, three generations of these physicians have accumulated vast experiences in treating many kinds of conditions.
  4. ACM HEALTH CENTER is one of the largest Chinese medicine chain clinics in Northern California. Our three modern medical offices have been effectively covering the entire greater Bay area.
  5. We have different specialties within ACM HEALTH CENTER: beside acupuncture, we have herbology, chiropractic and even internal medicine. Patient will have the opportunity to receive most appropriate form of treatment in this CENTER.

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ACM Health Center Offices

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